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Information for Teachers

‘The Sun, The Moon and The Stars’ trilogy is a new children’s time-travel series set in key points in England’s history.

The first two books in the trilogy are ‘One Sun, One Moon, Two Stars’ and ‘The White Tower’. The third book is in the process of being written.

Each story is a valuable teaching resource in History, English and Art, from inspiring a life-long interest in history, to helping pupils with creative writing and comprehension.

Learning Opportunities (Book 1)

Book 1 'One Sun, One Moon, Two Stars' sees the three protagonists, Jonathan, Victoria and Ben, visit the New Forest with a mutual friend and very quickly find themselves in Norman England.

Book 1 offers an opportunity to explore:

  • Historical landmarks – the New Forest in both the twenty-first and twelfth centuries – the adventure begins at the Rufus Stone
  • The hierarchical system that existed even in a village in Norman England
  • The lives of the population from the King with his Lords and Ladies, travelling musicians and performers, to the lowly swineherd living with his herd of pigs.
  • The differences between rural Norman England and urban Norman England

Learning Opportunities (Book 2)

Book 2, 'The White Tower', finds Jonathan, Victoria and Ben, together with a new protagonist – Tamara – setting out to rescue their friend and mentor from Norman England – the Gleeman – whom they learn was arrested in Tudor England.

Book 2 offers an opportunity to explore:

  • Historical landmarks. (Most of the adventure takes place in London in the sixteenth and twenty-first centuries). Landmarks in the book include:
    • The Tower of London
    • London Bridge
    • Smithfield
    • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • The importance of religion in society throughout the sixteenth century
  • The way of life in the different strata of Tudor England society

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