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One Sun, One Moon, Two Stars £6.99
One Sun, One Moon, Two Stars

One Sun, One Moon, Two Stars’ is the first book in the trilogy. Set in the New Forest, Jonathan, Ben and Victoria unexpectedly find themselves in Norman England. It is not long before they discover that in order to return to the twenty-first century they will have to find a missing talisman — a golden sun.

While there they discover they each have a golden talisman identical symbols on their backs. Despite being mystified by their allusions to the 21st century they are befriended by the son of the local landowner.

Through their own resourcefulness and despite many dangers they eventually solve the mystery and return to their own time.  But even that contains further surprises.
The White Tower £6.99
The White Tower

‘The White Tower’ is the second book in the trilogy. Learning their friend and mentor whom they met in Norman England, the Gleeman, has been arrested in Tudor London Jonathan, Ben and Victoria set out to rescue him accompanied by a young gipsy girl, Tamara.

While trying to find out where he is imprisoned they are forced to find work and quickly get caught up in the intrigue of the time. Once again they find themselves in considerable danger from which they must extricate themselves if they are to return to the safety of the 21st century.
A Diamond Dilema £6.99
A Diamond Dilema

‘A Diamond Dilema’ is the third book in the trilogy. First thing each morning the Gleeman walked up the stairs of the British Museum to Room 46 and stood in front of one particular glass cabinet. Each morning he studied one particular item in the display. Today was no exception.

He looked at the item, felt for the eyeglass in his pocket; then smiling cheerfully he selected a key on his key ring. As the cabinet’s door swung slowly open he picked up the elegant ruby ring in the centre of the middle shelf and held it up to the light.

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