своими руками

A Diamond Dilemma


First thing each morning the Gleeman walked up the stairs of the British Museum to Room 46 and stood in front of one particular glass cabinet. Each morning he studied one particular item in the display. Today was no exception.

He looked at the item, felt for the eyeglass in his pocket; then smiling cheerfully he selected a key on his key ring. As the cabinet’s door swung slowly open he picked up the elegant ruby ring in the centre of the middle shelf and held it up to the light.

First he examined the inside rim meticulously. His smile faded. He tilted the ring slightly and looked again. Then he inspected the lock. There was nothing to indicate that it had been forced.

He stared at the ring for a long time before returning it to its box in the middle of the shelf and locking the door. He checked that it couldn’t be opened without a key then turned on his heels and left Room 46.

Margaret Armand Smith